FANCY FASHION WEEK is a platform for existing and emerging designers inspired by African and Global Fashion and design looking to attract, entertain, and educate an audience on African fashion styles and trends.

The 5 day weeklong event will take place in the heart of the city of Mapiuto, incorporating what is exclusive to Maputo and differentiating the FFW brand from other fashion weeks worldwide. FFW will feature different generational runway shows, providing designers with the ability to showcase new collections but will also feature brand presentations, sponsor lounges, and design suits tailored to appeal to the most notable tastemakers and influential trendsetters. We are excited to extend our event production and publicity expertise to create an exclusive experience for our partners and audience during the FANCY FASHION WEEK in Maputo. The anticipated schedule for this annual event will include:

  • Fabulous runway shows
  • Design competitions (Fashion Awards)
  • Hands-on workshops (Fancy Talks)
  • After Party’s


– Promote Mozambican and African fashion around an abroad through a platform that aims the social , economical, ecological and cultural inclusion on fashion.

Approach diverse stakeholders nationally and internacionally to impulse fashion.